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The stereo is the “brains” and “heart” of your vehicles sound system. When looking to upgrade the sound of your vehicle, it's best to start with the system that matches your specific vehicle's requirements. Worried about a stereo fitting in your vehicle? We've got you covered. We can custom design enclosures that will fit any size dash, door, or center console.
Auto Image has the best options available for your vehicle.
Auto Image has the best options available for your vehicle.
These folks are much more knowledgeable than other shops in the area. They installed my amp and sub just as requested. Prices were fair and the attention to detail is phenomenal. Thanks guys!
Garry M.
Richmond, VA

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The cost of new vehicles skyrocketing the used car market is gaining record sales year after year. According to Edmunds the price gap between new and 3 year old vehicles was 56%- a savings of over $11,000, In 2018, that number grew to 62% - a savings of $14,000. All signs point to 2019 being another record-breaking year.

If you are taking advantage of the savings a used car offers, Auto Image can bring the stereo system up to date with the latest bells and whistles. Bluetooth, Satellite Radio, Apple CarPlay & Google Android Auto, Remote Start, Cameras, Alarms, and Blind Spot detectors are available for installation today!
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